Stag Party and Whole Lot of Fun

Stag party is the wonderful occasion which no bachelor should miss in his life time. There are many occasions in the stag party that it goes active all round the night. It is so awesome and enjoyable. Here let us discuss about the stag party games. There are many varieties of games which are played at the stag party. In no game any of the people would be hurt.

The most funny game or even said as the challenge to the groom is that he should get his shirt signed by 50 girls. This is completely dedicated for the groom and everyone would enjoy the fun in it.

The groom should get kissed by the bride groom’s friends and he lipstick should not be cleaned throughout the night. Try to get to the nearest older woman and try to make friendship with her. Wear a superman costume and wander outside the night.

Another interesting game is that if the groom is right handed then he should attempt to do every of his activities in the left hand. There are further more challenges which a groom would be facing that day. There are other games which involve everyone’s participation. Most of the games would be organized by the best man. He would coordinate the whole session.

One game which is commonly played in the stag party is such that the best man would select a word which should not be uttered by anyone during the party.

The word would be very casual word for that occasion such as the groom’s name, bachelor party, or some other common words. He would also get a balloon and get the sign of every man who is in the party and give it as a memorandum to the groom.