4 of The Biggest Reasons for Teenagers to Avoid Alcohol

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year. Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

Alcohol consumption is increasing many folds with every passing year, not only amongst the mature adult individuals but as well amongst the teenager lot. Intake of alcohol can elevate mood and cause lower stress levels but as well its effect is temporary. As soon as things wear down, the anxiety and depression levels can increase to a level that a person can feel suicidal.

Teenagers are consuming more of drugs and alcohol mostly to show their counterparts or colleagues that they’re hip or ready for the modern times but as soon as they get addicted to such, there is no turning back from the effects that alcohol creates within them.

Disco parties or clubs, Home gatherings or friends get together, wherever you go alcohol and alcoholic beverages are the drink of choice not only for adults but as well for the teenagers.

Though for them to be drinking at an illegal age is a matter of extreme concern but they don’t care enough or at all for such. In return, extreme addiction that is at times non-curable or non-treatable pops in.

Lets move in on 4 of the primary and biggest reasons for teenagers to avoid alcohol at all cost…

1- Addiction of The drink Itself: First and the foremost, like any drug or something, alcohol draws you near and at times so near that you cant get yourself out of its addictive abilities. Alcohol in itself is the most addictive drink and even adults or mature people cannot avoid it then how can a teenager?

When the addiction of alcohol grows within, you have to drink far more then usual to be relaxed. One drink is not enough. For teenagers this addiction is more dangerous then a grown up because they’ve got a lot to do and they’re still in their earlier years. Their workability can get affected and in turn their life can too.

2- Diseases Popping In: More of an alcohol means more of diseases popping in and in the case of teenagers that is popping in way too early then usual. Diseases like liver function effect in the form of fatty liver or hepatitis and cirrhosis are way too common for an alcoholic individual.

Depression is a disease that was not taken that seriously amongst the masses, but now a days its awareness is spreading and alcohol increased intake has been the primary cause of it.

3- Behavioral Problems: One’s natural inhibition and brain’s normal function reduces to a level whereby an individual cannot think properly prior to any action. Reduced thinking ability makes people do many sort of dangerous things without even realizing as to what they’re intending to do.

Many relationship problems start off because of the effects that alcohol has on the behavioral working of an individual. For teenagers, this means disaster or at times could even mean end of the road.

4- More Accidents: More accidents are caused every year because of drinking disorders then any other form. As has been discussed earlier, the thinking ability of an individual is greatly and profoundly affected by alcoholism and on the road it simply means death or permanent life injuries.

What Is Sober Living And How It Can Help?

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One of the biggest strengths to your addiction recovery is to surround yourself with the like-minded people who are also seeking support for their addiction problem.

While living in a sober living environment no drugs or alcohol are permitted and this is the basic requirement and structure of a sober living home.

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