A New and Better Way To Increase Crop Yield

Billions of dollars worth of crops is lost in the nation each and every year, all due to wildlife damage. Studies reveal that if such food losses could be reduced by even 50 percent, more than a billion people could be fed easily helping to control hunger and poverty.

Moreover, food shortage is a major issue around the world and experts suggest that this shortage is bound to increase in the near future.

Is there a solution?

Nicholas Szegedi is an individual who moved to Bear Valley Springs many years ago and built a beautiful orchard and boutique vineyard there. However, the wildlife in that area really started troubling them and would eat up most of the beauties in the garden.

Boasting of an engineering background, Nicholas tested several prototypes for many years and finally came up with an approach which can help keeping animals of all sorts away from any kind of edible plant. The electronics, motors and packaging options were all stress tested in the same vineyard.

How does it work?

The extremely effective animal deterrent Crop Cop helps to create an irritating environment for all types of wildlife be it in the ground, beneath it or in the air that they just cannot sustain themselves in it. They are forced to move out from the area where it is sprayed. The best part about this animal deterrent is that it causes no harm to fruit trees or the vineyard where it is sprayed. It is also a unique product which has such amazing performance features at an incredible price and remains unmatched till today.

You can pledge as little as $10, and for $25 you can have yourself included in a video in YouTube. If you manage to pledge around $500, your name would be in the end credits of the video, so that might be something you would want.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/nxGVxx