An indiegogo project aimed to clean the air!

This Indiegogo project is aimed at cleaning and converting hazardous methane to renewable natural gas (remooable fuel) for your truck or car. This helps eliminate biogas and provides sustainable and renewable fuel.

Bearing in mind that animal agriculture causes 37% of methane emissions and 18% of greenhouse gases, failure to put these emissions under control could lead to dangerous environmental disasters in the world. The reason why confined dairy animals do not capture the harmful methane emissions is because the methane has had to be upgraded from when it was discovered. This entire process has been very costly due to a number of reasons.

These are: High initial capital needed for upgrading the systems, the systems use lots of expensive energy for their proper operation, and transportation of bio methane to the market is also very expensive, unless the farm is located next to a pipeline.

The remooable fuel has a unique system that reduces these costs, allowing the farm to make profits from the bio methane and hence making it sustainable. The team installed biogas cleaning technology on many farms. This has greatly improved the impact that the farms have on the environment resulting in other farms showing interest in having this cleaning technology incorporated in their farms. This is a clear indication of how credible and sustainable our cleaning systems are.

Despite this success, this technology still exists as a prototype and the patents are still pending. Long term success is due to the progress made both in environment and economic sustainability. Perks of participating in the project include: a sticker, a thank you note, cheeses, a canvas bag, t shirts, hooded sweatshirt, fleece zip up, cutting board + knife, cheese club, your own cow and many other goodies. Join the team and let us get moving! Your support will be highly appreciated.

You can support this project and join them at: