Edmonton A City of Festival

Edmonton is a beautiful city which is a capital of Canadian province of Alberta. It is one of the largest metropolitan city that is located at the mid of province area.

The beautiful city is located in a fertile farmland area due to which it has grown up rapidly in the fur business and other agricultural businesses. The fort of Edmonton serves as a brilliant tourist attraction which is supposed to be a largest attraction in the history of Canada.

Edmonton is a city which is northernmost city in North America. And as different festivals and events are celebrated from time to time, all the year round, the place is well known as “The Festival City”.

Edmonton tourist attractions and getting Edmonton rentals

Edmonton is a place of ravines, rolling hills, deep river valleys and flat plains. The temperature here remains hot during the summer and cold during the winter. Also the climate at most of the times is dry even though there is a river running through the city.

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Edmonton is also known for the sports (such as fishing) and its rich culture that attracts lots of tourist throughout the year. The most popular tourist attraction here includes Fort Edmonton Park, River Valley, West Edmonton Mall, Devonian Botanic Gardens, Fairmont Hotel MacDonald and many more.

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