Enjoying the Beach under the Portable Beach Tent

If you want to enjoy the beach outdoor without getting your skin tanned by the sun, one great way to cover yourself could be the sun shelter beach cabana, which could protect your family from the scorching heat of the sun as well as the UV Rays.

The sun umbrella can be the perfect way to get a sun shelter, while enjoying at the beach with your family or friends. It is designed with an instant and automatic pop up system and is light in weight to allow you to carry it with ease.

The features that make this beach shade indispensable include an extension of the flooring up to 80 inches, making it quite spacious. The PE floor is resistant to water and because of the fiberglass frame, it is light in weight as well as durable.

There are windows on the sides of the sun tent, which can be opened or closed as per requirement. This allows you to enjoy the beach side breeze, even under the tent, and during extreme weather conditions, you have the option to close them.

On inflating the beach umbrella, it pops up instantly, and what is more, you can reassemble it with ease, making it compact for carrying in a bag. You can use it as a sports umbrella, with the inner portion lined with a silver coating to provide you protection from UPF.

To prevent the sun shelter from being blown away, there are strings and stakes to hold the beach cabana tightly onto the ground. This sun umbrella can be the ideal accessory when you are at the beach, for camping and other outdoor activities.

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