Hair Extensions: Secret To Beautiful Stylish Hairs

Hair extensions are a hit among today’s modern generation. Especially for girls and women who have short or thin hairs find them useful for getting the beautiful and stylish look they desire for.

You can get them in various colors and lengths – can opt for long, short, medium or super short or long ones.

The safest and longest lasting method of hair extension is called micro-loop or micro-bead extensions. For these hair extensions, the human hair is typically donated and then purchased by a manufacturer.

The hair goes through a lengthy process in which it is examined to ensure quality, and then the color pigment is soaked out of the hair.

Later, a new color is soaked back into the hair to give it a natural color that will not fade with time. Remy hair is when each strand is examined to ensure the cuticles are facing the correct way, the same as your natural hair.

Purchasing remy hair is essential to avoid tangles and to achieve shiny, silky looking hair. A small bead is attached to the top of the extension, which is what will hold the extension to your hair.

Micro-bead or micro-loop hair extensions are easy to apply as well. There are some that come with a threading loop and all that you need is a hair clip and a pair of pliers.

A small strand of hair is thread through this loop in the spot that you would like to place the extension.

Then gently pull the loop (and the strand) through the micro-bead. You are threading your strand of hair through this bead.

Once your hair is through the bead, slide it up close to your scalp (about 1cm away) and squeeze flat with a pair of pliers.

Hair extensions likeĀ brazilian natural wave can now be purchased online for a very affordable price. Just make sure that you do your research properly to get the high quality hair you are buying online.

You can try out micro-bead hair extensions by adding some ombre highlights, or pastel pink hair extensions to your hair and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.