Budget Friendly Solutions for Horse Shelter

Shelter for horses in fields is available in different sizes and shapes. Some structures are basic while others are highly grand.

However, if you are looking for a functional and cost-efficient shelter for horses on the field, then first understand what horses prefer.

How horses use their shelter?

A lot of horses will not like to get wet and thus they use the shelter. Wild horses fear small spaces and thus no matter how bad the weather is, even there is a hailstorm, and they will prefer to stand outside the shelter.

Horses only use the shelter during summers. Maybe, because they can easily see the corners of their shelter and are not literally scared of any monster lurking around or maybe because they don’t like the sun and thus want to be away from it in the shelter.

Different Shelters for horses

The most inexpensive field shelters for horses is a windbreak. You can have a windbreak in several ways. You can use the natural shelter of trees or use ancient wattling art and make a shelter of branches and create a solid barrier.

All you need to do is stack up some haylage bales and draft a convenient windbreak. The hays are covered in plastic so horses can’t eat it and the bales are very heavy so they cannot be knocked over.

You can also go a windbreak made of tin sheets. They are cheaper in comparison to wood or bricks. Just find out how big you want the shelter to be.

Find the height of your horses and offer an extra foot space during construction. Design the shelter in such a way that the front is a foot bigger than your back. This will give a slope to the roof so that if it rains the water runs away from the horse.

If you are going for a timber roof, then make sure they are robust enough to tackle the weight of the snow.

No matter whether you go for a natural shelter or a man-made shelter, but making it in the right way for your horse is very important. Use the one which fits your budget and go ahead.