How To Overcome Shyness For Short Height Men

How to get over shyness has many ways to it. You should challenge your negative thoughts first and learn about how to deal with your positive thoughts so that it stays.

First and foremost identify your negative fears, think about it rather escaping from it. Next is try to overcome it by working upon it. For example if you are a short heighted man and always worry about how people will react when they see you in the society, you should learn about how you can overcome this fear.

Once you analyze your negative thoughts you can work upon them with a positive note. You can bring thoughts like if you can find ways of beating this problem your life can get changed completely. This will help you to find the best ways for you.

Fortunately you can then find few exciting ways including shoe lifts which can solve this issue for you. Shoe lifts are basically the height increasing insoles that need to be placed inside a man’s shoes to make him appear taller in the crowd. Adopting this technique you can easily overcome your negativity and fear of shyness.

How to deal with social anxiety is very easy as instead of monitoring yourself, look at others and observe them. Start paying attention what is happening around and what others are doing. Secondly control your breathing. Over breathing leads to dryness of lips and makes you even more nervous and thirsty.

Most importantly believe on yourself and your capabilities. Do not be over confident but as it would then lad to real mistakes. Be patient and do not jump to consequences very soon. As this leads to anxiety. Divert your mind to positive thinking by meditating and focusing more and more on your goal rather than considering the gentry. Just have faith in you and shine like a star.