Keloid Scar Removal and Best Treatments

Keloid scar develops due to abnormal skin growth and explosion, on the particular area where injury or wound had happened. There are different methods and treatment for keloid scar removal, depending which could be best suitable for your skin one can choose to have it removed.

Some of the skin treatment includes:

Cortisone injections

It is safe and less painful method to remove keloid scar. The injection ingredient is known to flatten the scar, the injections are to taken once every 4 to 8 weeks. It can effectively minimize the scar but your skin will have a slight skin difference showing from the rest of your skin.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments have found its base in treating various skin problems and Keloid scar is no different. A pulsed dye laser is used to remove the scar; the treatment is less painful and safe but expensive. You may have to take few sessions as it promises to remove the scar completely.

Cryotherapy & Radiation

In Cryotherapy treatment; it includes freezing keloid scar with liquid nitrogen. Dermatologist suggests that is safer and effective however; this treatment may darken or lighten your skin area where the scar had developed.

Silicon sheets

Very common method to remove Keloid scars, a person has to wear silicone gel sheet on the scar. The removal process is long has one has to wear the sheet for moths. There are also other medicinal sheets available for removing the scar, for that one needs to consult a doctor to prescribe the same.

The above mentioned treatments are sure remedies for removing Keloid scar but they are expensive. If you are looking for effective yet an affordable option, choose to opt for Keloid cream.

There are different types of scar removing creams available these days in Malaysia. These creams have silicone based ingredients that promotes smoother looks and lessen the scars in some time.

However; while choosing the cream, one needs to be careful especially checking their worthiness. It’s better to consult your doctor for prescribing you a Keloid cream as your healthcare practitioner knows the in and out about your scars and will prescribe the right and effective cream.