Knowing About The Ingredients Used In Anti-aging Products

Anti-aging products like sermorelin stimulate the natural collagen production of the skin to reduce wrinkles or slow down the process of premature aging. There are certain active ingredients used in these anti-aging products that are safe, approved and effective as well.

With an overabundance of products and ingredients all of which promises to deliver fruitful results, the trick lies in choosing the right one suitable for you. Listed here are five most commonly used active ingredients that have scientific evidence about their role in decreasing signs of aging.

Use Of Peptides And Acids

Skins start to lose fat and become thinner as you age. This results in its sagging and developing fine lines as the body produces less collagen and elastin. Sermorelin are substances that maintain a smooth, plump and youthful look. Peptides are small proteins that are used to stimulate new cell growth to help skin cells in healing and reduce the rate of aging. Peptides are in moisturizing hydrating skin and removes noticeable lines.

Alpha-hydroxy acids are also used in the form of lactic, citric and glycolic acids. These are natural ingredients that are extracted from the milk sugar and fruits. These acids work as exfoliant that helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells and allows new cells to grow. It also allows the deeper layer of your skin to come to surface faster that expedites the cycle of skin turnover.

Retinol And Other Ingredients

Retinol is the natural form of vitamin A that can reduce gaining and the appearance of wrinkles. It also boosts the thickness as well as elasticity of your skin. Resveratrol is another ingredient used in such medicines that stimulates growth hormone.

This is a plant compound and is found in red wine. Also available as a supplement, it can prevent or even reverse chronic health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Antioxidants is the final ingredient that is used that helps to fight cell damage from the free radicals that are the molecules that can injure cells and increase the risk of inflammation and skin cancer. it is always advised to use any such product after proper consultation with the doctor.