Look Out For Free Points Program At Shaw Cinema For Cheap Tickets

The popularity of viewing cinemas at home through live streaming and use of the best home theater system has reduced the footfall in the cinema theaters. To retain the footfall, reputed cinema theaters like Shaw cinema offers promotional offers and discounts from time to time which you should watch out for.

This will enable you to watch best movies in best conditions and at best price. One such offer is the Scene programs which is a specific free point which enables you to purchase movie tickets at concessional rates.

Redeem Your Points 

When you register for such programs in Singapore, you will get a card number against which you will get one hundred points for each movie ticket that you buy at Shaw cinema. This way when there are one thousand points accumulated in your name, you can redeem those accumulated points for watching a movie for free.

Often such cards are tied up with restaurants as well. For every time you visit a restaurant to eat out, you get points for each dollar that you spend on food which once again can be redeemed for a free movie.

Careful Use Of It

Such programs can provide you with a free movie in quick time as well, but you will have to take care to use such program cautiously to enjoy the benefit even more.

You can also get multiple cards to enjoy even more benefits as each card will give you only one hundred points irrespective of the number of tickets you purchase. Purchasing tickets on special days rather than weekdays will also help you to enjoy more benefits of such programs.