Muslin Fabric: Versatile and Beautiful

Muslin fabric is commonly used for clothing, upholstery, curtains backdrops and more. It is named after the city Mosul in northern Iraq. Muslin is originated in India and the Middle East.

During 17th century, it became popular in Europe. At the end of 18th century, muslin fabric was used for many purposes and became very popular in France.

Muslin fabric is light and airy. So, it is more suitable for hot, dry climates. It is generally white or off white. Muslin is a workhorse among fabrics Muslin is used widely from home scale cheese making to muslin backdrops. Mostly muslin fabric is 100% cotton. However, there are some polycotton blends too.

Owing to its light weight and airy nature, muslin fabric is ideal for baby wraps and clothing. These are soft, safe and makes the baby secure without becoming hot and sweaty. Cotton muslin cloth is ideal for baby clothing and are softer and provide more comforts to the baby.

In the world of handicraft, muslin fabric plays a vital role. It is widely used as backdrops in theatre productions.

Muslin is used in the manufacture of toys as well. Soft toys and stuffed toys are made of muslin fabric. They are soft and this makes the stuffed toys very suitable for children.

Muslin fabric is natural material and so it is environmentally friendly too. Muslin fabrics have the ability to drape that makes it a best choice for robes and garments. Its ability to take dye, paints and embroidery makes it as a versatile and unique fabric.

In the food industry also muslin fabric is used extensively. It is used as wrap, filter. It is used squeeze liquids out in juice making and cheese preparation process.

Also it is used to pad pillows. It is used in quilt making to transfer templates. In medicine, gauze that are used to bandage is made from muslin. Last but not the least; muslin fabric is an excellent cleaning and dusting cloths.

Overall, muslin fabric is a versatile fabric and inexpensive too. So, it is popular everywhere and is found useful in every niches. In case you are looking for a reliable place to buy different fabrics (including muslin) you can check fabric shop Leicester here.

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