New Jeans Merge Fashion With Technology

Americans love their big smart phones so much,they’re almost a part of them. The question is, where do you put your phone when you aren’t using it? It has to be stored someplace safe and secure, where it won’t get broken. It would be nice if it was out of the way, too, so you don’t have to carry a separate bag just to store the phone.

YK smart phone jeans by are the perfect solution. They not only look smart and stylish on you, but they contain a zippered pocket that is just the right size for your big smart phone. Made in sizes for both men and women, they keep your smart phone handy when you need it, but out of the way so you can continue your active lifestyle.

YK Smart Phone Jeans For Men

Mens’ pockets are already bulging with wallets, coins, receipts, and personal notes. Why add a cell phone to that mix? YK smart phone jeans for men keep your phone out of the way and in front of you, ready to bequickly removed when the phone rings. Tucked away slimly in the pants leg of your special jeans, you won’t lose a call if you like to keep your phone on vibrate.

YK Smart Phone Jeans For Women

YK smart phone jeans by make perfect sense for women, too. They are smooth and form-fitting to show off your pretty figure. Carry your big smart phone with you wherever you go – hiking, to the beach, shopping, or anywhere else. Your phone stays securely close to you, with no need for an extra purse. That’s a real bonus for days when you want to go lightweight. Designed with a side zipper that keeps you looking slim and fit, you can easily grab your phone to look at texts when you are sitting down.

YK smart phone jeans by free you up so you can do all the things you love to do every day. It’s the perfect answer for the busy lifestyle you lead. Get your pair today by supporting their crowdfunding project here: