New Range Of Clothing Line with Paradigm Shirts: Stylish And Environment-Friendly

Everyone loves clothes. It is a universal truth. And t-shirts seems to be the favorite for all, due to its comfort, classic style and the value that anyone can wear it. Manufacturing clothes might hamper the environment to some extent but not anymore.

Thanks to the environment-friendly clothing line made available by Paradigm Shirts, people can now flaunt their style well without hampering your surrounding location even one bit. The latest clothing line is 100% responsible, ethical and ecological in nature, with the aim to change this polluting industry completely.

Before proceeding further and invest money on this line of clothing, it is important to learn a bit more about the features involved within. The results are amazing and will help buyers to gain more value than usual. All the materials, used for manufacturing the clothes, are sourced in Japan, known for its ethical working conditions and law carbon footprint. Starting from the raw materials to finished products, all is sourced from one place.

Well, there is an accurate use of polyester, which is made from the recycled plastic bottle. It shows that the environment remains untouched. Not only that, but the clothes are given a taste of color through the waterless dying. Just thank the innovative technology, Airdye, for that. This waterless dying technology is not just saving water but also preventing the water bodies from being polluted.

The clothing line at is 100% vegan and without any use of PVC or BPA. That shows the amount of dedication given for addressing this kind of clothing line around here. Not only that, but the clothes are OEKO-Tex certified, which proves its quality best.

The services are associated with 5% redistribution to t-shirt’s designer and 10% redistributed to the non-profit sectors. These points are enough to clarify the importance of this clothing line during modern times.

The brand official launch will take place September 5th on Indiegogo with their international crowdfunding campaign. The best thing is that the funds raised will be used for the launch of the eco-friendly shirts and to grow the brand powerful for the welfare of the society. So why not support them in the best possible way we can.