Pestemal Towels: Get Them Now For Yourself or For Gift

Pestemal towel is the authentic and traditional Turkish bath towel that is usually hand woven and made in cotton, linen or at times even in silk. These kinds of towels are available in varied texture, colour, weight and even designs.

The difference between a normal bath towel and Pestemal towel is that it is big and comes in almost 70 by 40 inches. Although bigger in size this is compact and light weight, you can carry it along even while you are travelling.

It is 100% hand woven and is manufactured from the textile towns in Turkey. Just like other benefits, this pestemal towel also lets you with easy and hassle free cleaning option. You can machine wash this towel and it does not take much space in your machine also for wash or drying.

One important factor you need to keep in mind while you are using this kind of towel is that you need to be gentle with it and do not use any kind of harsh powder on it while laundering.

To ensure longer life for you pestemal towels, you can follow these simple techniques: warm or cold wash to ensure colour stability. In most cases, these kinds of towels get better with wash and drying mechanism giving longer life.

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