Photo Effects To Add More Meaning and Drama To Your Photos

When you are using photography to bring out certain effects or thought process or beauty of the scenario, you can use the camera to frame and click the shutter. There is a simple way to say different things when you can have that capacity and the language.

You can use different Photo effects to bring more depth and color and meaning to your photos of different subjects. The photography students and professionals follow different terms to mark these effects and you can get the effect if you try to follow the process.

  • Bokeh is one such term that gives aesthetic quality to the out of focus area by use of blur. The light is used to light up the out of focus area in a blur by using the shallow focus way to create beautiful image with prominent bokeh or blur.
  • The other such foto effects can be mentioned as the Panning that is a movement that can be seen in still image. You can stay with the subject that is moving and frame the shots initially and after you press shutter for the image. The effect is the sharp subject amidst a hazy background.
  • You can also use the rule of thirds to bring another effect with photography. The artists used this principle and now the photographers do so. The whole photo is broken down into three divisions both horizontally and vertically. The main subject is not placed in the middle and this gives a moving or dynamic foto effects.
  • You can also find the golden hour effect to be creative while at the same time the golden hues give a separate dimension to the image. You will get a special light during the morning or sunrise and also at the sunset. This light gives the subject a drama and interest that is not found at any time of the day. To get this affect in your photo, you must use the light quickly and capture the magnificent photo fast.
  • Fill flash is a technique where the light and shadow is used to bring a better image. You can use flash and fill up the shadowed area and this gives a backlit moment that is rare and makes the background brighter than the subject.

You will find there are more to the field of creating photo effects successfully. Artistic skills, creativity along with proper camera tripod position also plays a good role in creating these effects.

You can get the effects directly from the teacher and the grammar book of photography but if you really enjoy this profession then you will have your own interpretation of the effects and the usage of light, darkness, sharp and blur, shapes and movements to give effects to the photography that everybody will enjoy.