Publishing “Milka & Me”

Stories about the Holocaust have been popular and relevant for generations now, even as the people who personally remember the Holocaust are fading away from culture and from history. The idea of a children’s book about the Holocaust may seem controversial to some people and extremely important to other people, so this is the inspiration for a debate. This”Generosity by Indiegogo” project,”Milka & Me”, is a memoir about a child who survived the Holocaust in an unusual way:

“Milka & Me”

The writer gives comparatively few details about what the book is going to be like, as if trying to save all of those details for the people who are going to be sure to back the project. It is true that memoirs have a different structure compared to other stories. Many memoirs don’t follow the normal structures of plots. They tend to have a lot of personal details, since they are primarily character studies. However, it is harder to give people the sort of plot hooks that they will get in typical book summaries.

However, one way or another, the author’s intent is to make sure that the very young children of today are taught to remember the Holocaust. Indeed, while it may seem odd to the adults of today that this would ever be an issue, they should remember that lots of historical events are forgotten the moment that they fall out of living memory.

The Holocaust has not yet fallen out of living memory, but it is close, and even the people who knew individuals involved with the Holocaust are now older people themselves. The kids of today should grow up knowing about the Holocaust, and this children’s book could be a very important step in the right direction for the new generation of children.