Scientifically Engineered Cycling Shoes That Suits Your Biking Needs

Cycling is considered as one of the best cardio exercises, like jogging and swimming. Health conscious people are nowadays choosing cycling as a workout option for weight loss and resistance training exercise. Cycling not only helps you keep healthy, but also helps in reducing the pollutions, which is result of over usage of fuels in vehicles. This is provided you use cycle as an alternative to this mode of transport.

Special Shoes for Cycling

As in any other exercise, the gears that you use in cycling are quite important. Every jogger knows the importance of right shoes. They are very well aware of the consequences of choosing the wrong ones. The ill-effect includes major to minor injuries that can sometimes be serious. The shoes may also affect the performance of the sport.

Why Use Cycling Shoes?

Cycling footwear is light in weight. This makes peddling easier and causes less strain on the leg muscles. Regular user of normal sport shoes, who have switched to cycling shoes, for them, this difference will be quite noticeable, especially if the terrain is rough and the ride long.

Weather proof cycling shoes are available in the market. A well ventilated pair of shoes is recommended during hot season or most of the time. And during wet weather a shoe that easily drains the water out.

Cycling boots have a firm sole. Unlike in regular shoes, where the soles are either of polyurethane or rubber, the soles of bike shoes are made up of carbon fibre. This material gives stiffness to the sole.

This assists in transferring of the power of your legs easily to the pedals. Because of this type of sole all the energy is concentrated on the cycling movements rather than any other activity. The soles come in various shapes. Select the one which has the right fit with the paddle of your cycle.

Right cycling Shoes for the Right Terrain

Companies like Adidas Malaysia have designed the cycling shoes for various tracks the cyclist uses and also the event that is his favourite. Some of the variants of shoes can be used for amateur cycling, track-race cycling, long race cycling and road cycling.

There are special shoes made for mountain biking too. As a mountain biker has to sometimes tread tougher terrains, these shoes have a cleat suited for both walking and biking.

Shoes for road biking are only for biking purpose and not walking. As the road-biker is all the time mounted on the bicycle and seldom walks, the shoes are accordingly made. These are smooth with elastic sole.

In some countries like the UK, America and Australia, biking is part of their tradition. These countries regularly have track cycle racing competition. The stiff sole version of shoes is preferable for these events.