Secret Shopper Internship – Helps Bands and Artists to Connect with Their Fans

Secret Shopper Internship is an ingenious way adopted by companies to have their services and products rated and tested by paid shoppers to unearth the service lacunas and misbehaving employees to weed them out before the reputation of the company is jeopardized to the extent that the regular business gets affected.

The intern can get paid to shop, get paid to eat, order food from restaurants, buy items from stores or engage in such other activities through sponsorships extended by the company. The secret shopper then gets the chance to exhibit his loyalty to the company by fairly filling out a rating form in an unbiased and non-prejudiced manner about the entire experience in detailed manner.

Once the rating form is turned in to the patronizing company, payment is handed over. This takes place for real and one can apply to do so. This will ensure that the employees would always be on their best behavior to win the loyalty of the visitors and motivate them to come back again and again. Any special mention in the ratings card of the shopper will highly elevate or downgrade the reputation of a store selling company products.

One can get paid to attend concerts to gauge the level of hospitality extended to ticket buyers by the concert organizers. One can approach the publicist or public relations manager of their favorite bands and arrange with them to take interviews of the artists. In return, the artists and bands too get an easy way to have their messages relayed to maximum of their fans and soulfully connect with them.

Many bands that look for inexpensive publicity to make their way to the hearts of fan also sponsor internships to have their interviews conducted for publishing in journals or local media being more popular among general masses. One can get paid to interview bands and also establish himself as a reputed reporter through such internships.

Other options available to make money by sincerely penning down one’s opinion and ratings can be to survey Night Club staff or interview local business owners. Such opportunities are easy to come by and one should be honest to the role offered.