Specific Jobs To Perform Before Auto Transport

After you have done some research work and selected the right company for auto transport, there are some other jobs to do as well to ensure safe transport. You have to arrange the logistics involving the picking and dropping off the car before and after delivery, the point of drop off, and whether the drop-off and delivery time mentioned.

Preparing The Vehicle

Preparing the car is very critical so as to ensure that the entire relocation is done smoothly. You have to clean the car both from inside as well as outside and remove any movable items from the glove compartment or the trunk. This will eliminate any potential damage.

The alarm of the car should be disconnected so that there is no accidental triggering of it and you end up with a car with a dead battery. Do not load the fuel tank but keep enough of gas to drive it back from the drop off point. Inspect the car well before handing it over to the car shipping company performanceautocarrier.com for any existing damage and certainly pump up the tires.

Check In With The Company

Checking in with the company a few days before is required to ensure there are no last minute changes.

You must also check the insurance whether or not it is up to date and whether you have the copy of the transport company’s insurance and lastly, whether or not you have informed your insurance company about the relocation. Remember that doing your part is also important to ensure safe and hassle-free relocation.