Sterling Pro French Coffee Press

A morning without the perfect cup of coffee is bizarre. The secret to the perfect cup of coffee is the freshness and the quality of the coffee beans, the degree of roasting, right water temperature and finesse of the grinding. A French coffee press is an ideal alternative to the standard one you are drinking. This coffee machine is designed in a way that gives you the real pleasure of drinking your coffee.

Sterling Pro French coffee press is one of those coffee makers that prepares the coffee how you want. If you have never tried French coffee press styled coffee you are missing out the world of flavor. The product is designed to be the perfect brewing device and it is inexpensive and easy to use.

The Sterling pro French coffee press is a household name when it comes to brewing coffee. It is a wonderful invention and a great alternative to those tasteless coffee makers. With this product, it is a great way to brew the coffee as it makes sure the correct blend and the temperature and offers a great satisfaction to the coffee lovers.

Sterling pro French coffee press praises the rich aromatic flavor of the coffee obtained using this method as a result the coffee beans are in direct contact with the brewing water, then it is filtered through a mesh instead of paper filter. The aroma of the coffee remains in the pot no matter how many times it is poured over. If you prefer drinking strong coffee, all you have to do is put more coffee beans to get that rich and fresh taste.

The product is here to stay and continues to surprise the customers with innovative brewing changes so that customers can enjoy their coffee to the fullest. It has got improved temperature changes, stronger glass composition which doesn’t stain from the use and, apart from this:

  • It is easy to function
  • Cool touch glaze
  • Scratch resistance
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Brilliant surface gloss
  • Nonslip grip
  • Easy to follow functionality

This product brews about 8 coffee cups at a stretch in minutes. The coffee press maker is stylish and has a chrome finish that makes an amazing gifting item to your near and dear ones.