Summer Dresses for Special Occasions

It’s time to jump and shout because you finally get to put your early summer clothes to the back of your closet. You can now prettify your wardrobe with summer essentials and trendy summer dresses. Walk on streets donning them and be the style diva in your gang!

Here are 4 types of summer dresses that you should own:

1- Work dress

Dressing appropriately for office is a must but it doesn’t mean you don’t get to wear a dress! A work dress should look professional and should not be distracting. Buy dresses in solid hues, low cut neck area, not above knee level and with clean cuts.

You can also team your customised apparel with lightweight blazers for meetings. Online clothing store updates its stock like almost every other day and you are literally spoilt for choice. And for this reason there are tons of options available online for you to choose from.

2- Beach dress

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing or even styling a beach dress. With a beach dress, you have many options of donning a casual look. From strapless to low cuts, short to floor kissing length; go simple or mix together many elements.

If you are not big on jewelleries and detest wearing them in this scorching heat, it is best to go for metallic jewellery tattoos. Not just do they look attractive but also won’t make you melt.

Fashion and you, being one of the biggest fashion portals; has an array of dresses for you to choose from. Shop through a range of dresses at affordable prices with cash back using these fashion coupons online.

3- Cocktail dress

With a cocktail dress, you can choose to go for a versatile look. You can dress it up and down as per your style. It’s best to look for sleek cuts, luxurious fabrics and unique details.

Strapless cocktails dresses are in but if you are a plus sized woman, ensure that you own a properly structured dress to get adequate support. And if you feel confused, go for a black one. You can never go wrong with it.

4- Lunch dress

Code for your lunch dress will depend on where you are off to. If you are out with your friends, you can choose to wear dresses that are above hemline, have flares with different cuts and follow the latest designs.

But if it is a formal lunch, go for neat patterns and appropriate knee length level. Being minimalistic is the approach to adopt here.

Even with these dress codes, it is important to have a dress or two that you can wear to any occasion in emergency. They could be in black or white shade so that mixing and matching with them is an easy task.

Most Black elegant dresses are a no brainer when it comes to deciding your outfit. Throw in some accessories as per the event and you are good to go!