The spoon every chef is missing!

Being a chef is an amazing art that should be shared with the world. Culinary artists know the many difficulties of preparing an aesthetically pleasing dish while still acquiring that amazing test that is so important. This company, Bequeen Spoons, has created a product that is so simple yet will help many chefs create masterpieces faster. The Quenelle Spoonis it’s name, and no chef can do without it.

The Quenelle spoons create a simplistic design that many chefs try to acquire. For many professionals, this design is complicated to do in a short period of time. So,Pastry Chef Yarisis Jacobo, created this design. She has years of experience, so she created the perfect design that all chefs would need and appreciate. The designs were transformed digitally by Christopher Albright. The design is that of an egg shape, a design that takes chef’s time to get perfectly. The shape is called the quenelle and these spoon print the perfect shape every time, cutting the time it takes to create a desert. It will not bend like most cheap spoons because of it’s material. The material is food grade stainless steel.

This product is innovative and can help many chefs. Most culinary artists have spoons that they collect, if they are fortunate to find one. These spoons will make it easy for any person to acquire one, and stop the hunt that chef’s have to go through to find one. Pastry chefs especially can utilize this spoon for appearance needs, since pastries are supposed to be some of the most beautiful food designs in the world. The oval egg shape is a timeless design and this spoon will cut preparing times in half. This design is truly designed by a chef and is created for a chef.

You can find this product on Kickstarter, a company dedicated to sharing innovative creativity for the betterment of society. This product surely impresses and solves a problem for every chef.

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