Things to Know Before Adopting Saint Bernard Dog or Puppy

There are so many varieties of dogs available in the world. Among those several breeds of dogs the Saint Bernard dog is one of a good working dog. The nativity of Saint Bernard dog is Italy and Swiss Alps. They are very hard working dogs mainly used for rescue purpose. In appearance they look large and muscular but at heart it is very soft and helping in nature. The Saint Bernard dog got much famous because of two major issues. One is by its huge appearance and the second is by the famous tales of alpine rescues.

Among the various breeds of dogs in the world, the Saint Bernard dog is the giant variety and it weighs about 60 to 120 kilograms. Its height is approximately 70 to 90 cms. The name Saint Bernard has come into existence by the famous hospital Great Saint Bernard which is present in the Saint Bernard pass located between Switzerland and Italy. The Saint Bernard dogs are also called as Saint Dogs, Barry Dogs, Noble Steeds, Alpenmastiff, etc. The eyes of Saint Bernard dogs normally appear brown in color and sometimes it also appears in cool blue icing color also.

Contrary to the size, the Saint Bernard dogs eat a very little amount of food only and they also do very less physical activity only. But physically they are very strong. That so they are introduced in the rescue tasks. The Saint Bernard puppies are chronic chewers and because of the huge size they make several nuisance and damages in the house than the other huge breeds of dogs. Because of the naughty behaviors the Saint Bernard puppies often visit the veterinary clinics for minor surgery and digestive disturbances.

Though the saint bernard dogs are used for rescue purpose, you don’t think that they are outdoor dog varieties. They like the family environment more and thus love to spend more time inside the home only. They are good companion for the owners when they were tamed properly. The Saint Bernard dogs are highly prone to get heatstroke and thus they should not be left outdoors for a long period of time mainly during the summer season.