What a precious gift one can leave the world bearing the circumstances that has lead to the climatic uncertainties in the recent times. Trees are the most important plant in the universe as they purify the air we breath and provide water. Without trees life would be complicated. Coming together of a great minds like the kickstater is a solution to immense growing problems that if not solved would result to a great disaster.


The initiatives from any given institution àre of great health and importance to our planet and so is the Tree Garden. Usually it is not easy to do it alone. It is the power of a group that we çan join in and make something happen. One way to leave a mark here on earth is to participate and/or contribute in the tree garden project. Here are some few things you can do to get actively engaged.

Awareness and sensitisation: this is the first bold step in making people accept the fate of trees and the general importance change starts with you. Doing it to to pay respect or remember a certain situation like a birthday, memorial service, and so on would attract attention hence succession.

Partnership: It should not end only on telling people but joining hand, partnering with society to help the community and teaching them about trees and having rewards to the community.

Events: for those things mankind is proud of and would prefer losing his/her life doing should be incorporated in line of commemoration. A role model in the society is today’s flesh but as age comes in the strength and abilities fade away. To be real as they fade the tree should be shining. That is the greatest loyalty one could leave the world with.

Remembering someone for the good deeds is one of the memories one could leave behind. Man is born, matures, age and die but the fruits of the hard labour is celebrated by the generation to come. Trees are such fruits. Providing a better tomorrow for generation to come.

What we need to know about garden trees

Apart from giving us good air, they are the fountain and source of water which is important to our daily need.

Mature trees provide timber and other product like paper which is always used in the daily activities and provide safety to creatures like birds

Different species of trees have a growth rate where soft wood grow fast compared to hard wood which take long to mature

Trees can be grown anywhere provided they are supported with water for growth and survival. In the compound they provide good habitat for birds, beautifies the environment and bring the pleasure of cool and nice breeze.

To do these requires having a common goal and starting initiatives that remind you of certain events. This is supported by the world trees planting day which has seen a recognition in the world records and is growing rapidly.

To accomplish tree gardens the initiative is self driven having a guiding motive. Preparing garden trees requires landscaping expertise to eliminate congestion that would turn away the beauty.

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