Two Veterans Are Looking For Help On Kickstarter To Open A Restaurant And Brewery

This Kickstarter is for something special, as two veterans are looking for your help. These men currently run an in-home only business, and they are looking to take it and make it into a restaurant and brewery. They are good at what they do, but they need a bit of help in order for them to go bigger with what they are doing.

They want to be able to serve people some great food and drinks, and they need your help in order for that to happen. These two guys served our country, and now they are looking to do something a bit different with their lives.

The restaurant and brewery is sure to be a great success because of the way that these guys have been doing as they operated out of a house. They know what they are doing, and they will succeed in this business.

When you help them out, you will know that you are doing a truly good thing, not only for them, but also for those in their area. You will help them to create a great, new restaurant and brewery, and you will help them to enjoy themselves and the things that they would like to do with their lives.

This is a Kickstarter that you can feel great supporting because it is two veterans you will be helping out. These guys deserve to have you behind them as they try to do something new with their lives, and they will appreciate any kind of support that they can get.

They want to get this restaurant and brewery going, and once enough people chip in and give them a hand, they will be able to do that. They will be able to put their dreams into action as they start up their own business.

You can support this project and join them at: