UK Brand S Dress Is Leading The Way When It Comes To Innovative Fashion

We expect our clothing to be stylish and good value, however modern fashion is about more than that, with brands competing to produce innovative clothing that captures our imagination.

One company that is really leading the way when it comes to innovative fashion is UK brand S Dress. The company makes a range of stylish fashions that come packed with innovative details that make the product easy to wear – and easy to own.

State of The Art Material

S Dress uses high quality Italian fabric that is breathable, creaseless and can even be machine-washed at home.

The creaseless nature of the fabric makes S Dress items a joy to own, with no need for ironing. Clothes from this UK brand are also ideal for travelling because you can simply pack the garment into your case and know that it will be ready to wear when you unpack it at your destination.

In addition, the fact that S Dress clothing can be machine washed at home and requires no ironing means no more expensive and time-consuming trips to the dry cleaners. This also means that it’s good for the environment, with less electricity being needed during the washing process.

Another great thing about the S Dress fabric is that it is breathable and provides UV protection. It keeps you cool in summer and provides a UV shield that protects you from harmful sunrays.

Second Skin Sensation

S Dress talks about its clothing giving a ‘second skin sensation.’ The fabric it uses is so comfortable to wear that it feels more like lingerie, whilst the fit of the clothing is carefully designed to ensure that it holds your figure, whilst remaining extremely comfortable to wear.

Slimming Effect

S Dress clothing is designed to hold the figure and be flattering to your body shape and size. The hold of the fabric is so good that an S Dress can even be worn without a bra – and it’s good to know that all this is achieved without the garment ever feeling too tight or uncomfortable.


One of the things that this UK brand has built its reputation on is the flexibility that its garments provide. The best example of this is probably the Dana dress, which has a special design that allows it to be worn in five different ways.

The Collection

S Dress sells a wide range of dresses, as well as trousers, skirts and tops. Each item shares the attributes that have made this UK brand so successful.

If you need some inspiration then it’s worth looking at the lookbook, which is sure to provide you with a dose of fashion inspiration. If you want the latest thinking from S Dress then you should also check in on the blog. Here you will find musings about fashion, beauty, travel, food and lifestyle, as well as top style tips and insights into what makes this UK brand tick.