Unique chess set inspired by the honey bee!

We would like to take this time to inform you of a new and exciting adventure of our creation of the “Beekeeper Chess Collection”, which they are happy to be featuring on Kickstarter.

So far they have raised only a small portion of their funds, and there certainly is more to raise. They hope you will back our interesting project. They express our sincere thanks to those who have already contributed to our project to get this fine “Beekeeper Chess Collection” under way. Their names will be featured on a page on their website to express their sincere thanks for their kind support for this exciting and interesting project.

They are making various bees that represent the different chess pieces, along with a beehive that represents the rook in a chess game. They have featured pictures on Kickstarter of bees in polished brass. Among the bees, are the queens, the knights, the bishops, the pawns and the kings.

The bees are able to be made in semi precious and precious metals. They feature the rook in brass or bronze at one hundred and fifty dollars per piece.The bishop can be had for two hundred dollars in polished brass. For six hundred dollars, you can have any piece in our “Beekeeper Chess Collection” done in silver.

These pieces are not only to be used to play a prestigious game of chess that will impress others because not many would have such a fine and unique “Beekeeper Chess Collection.” They can also individually be used as a pendant for a necklace. They will likely generate many interesting conversations when worn as such.

For eight hundred dollars, you can purchase a knight chess piece that can also function as a pendant, which can be done in plated rhodium, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or 18k yellow gold. You can check out the link below for more information and for more pieces that we offer at four thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars.