Useful Facts To Know About Damon Braces

You may have heard about self-ligating braces but may not have any idea about what it is and how it works. Here is a list of some important things to know about self-ligating braces that are also known as the Damon Braces System.

Invented by Dr. Dwight Damon these braces get the name and was first introduced in 1996. These systems are essentially passive self-ligating system that uses brackets. These brackets do not require any elastic ligatures or O-rings so that the wires can be held in place. Instead, it uses small sliding doors for that matter. This sliding mechanism enables the wires to move freely within without any friction making it more comfortable and popular choice.

Comfortable And Effective

There is a stopper attached to the wires in these braces. This stopper enables it to prevent the braces from moving away from the position in which it should be. These braces are also more comfortable as compared with any other traditional metal brace systems.

It is believed that these braces produce faster result and is very effective as well. Once you sue these braces you will not have to visit the orthodontist or dentist regularly for the necessary adjustments as the ligatures or O-rings does the needful preventing it to move from its original place.

Some Specific Attributes

The Damon Braces Phoenix are made from stainless steel and transparent ceramic material. This is a very useful and effective combination that gives the patient a strong, sturdy and durable system. The manufacturing materials also makes it is less noticeable than any other traditional and commonly used metal braces.

The brackets that are used in these braces are much smaller as compared with the conventional metal brackets that make it very comfortable and easy to use as well. There is special glue used in these systems for attaching the brackets to the teeth of the patient properly reducing movements further. The whole process takes about one to two hours to apply on the teeth.

The Dental Condition

To apply these braces the orthodontist may require making some extraction in some teeth of the patient depending on the condition of the teeth and boning structure. This has to be done essentially before the placement of the braces.

The cost of the Damon braces system is a little more than other conventional braces system but the benefits enjoyed by the patient using these braces surpasses expectation. Additionally, the cost of these braces will also vary from patient to patient.

Various Options Available

There are various options available to a patient when it comes to the use of braces. Apart from Damon braces, which are one of the several dental innovations of modern times, you can use Clear braces, Ceramic braces, Viazi braces, or Invisalign all of which has better design concepts.

But Damon braces are more favored due to the key components which include elimination of the use of metal ties, requirement of fewer adjustments due to the light high technology shape memory wires, and not requiring rapid palatal expanders or extractions. It not only aligns your teeth but also enhances the aesthetics.