Washington DC Museums: Relive The Glorious Past

Washington DC has museums galore that present the glorious history of the USA and mankind for the curious eyes to savor. Washington DC Museums’ veritably are a medium to relive the past through the artifacts and pieces of history carefully and painstakingly preserved from falling prey to the cruel hands of the time.

Hall of Mammals at the National Museum of Natu...

Hall of Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The timeless pieces of artifacts will win you over. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington boasts of a huge collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft that have played a major role in shaping the history of human tryst with air and space travel. Scores of artifacts in the museum provides suitable ground for researching the aviation and planetary science as well as exploring the various facets of terrestrial geology and geophysics.

The National Museum of Natural History is a rich source of flora and fauna with over 500 million specimens of animals, human cultural artifacts, fossils, minerals and plants carefully preserved for delighting your senses. This particular museum is frequented by over 185 professional natural history scientists.

Another attraction among the glorious Washington DC Museums’ is the National Museum of Crime and Punishment which serves to enlighten you about the history of penology and criminology in the USA. The museum has a sprawling complex of about 28,000 sq. ft. and contains about seven hundred artifacts related to the crime’s history and the consequences criminals have faced over the ages in America.

Mount Vernon Museum and Gardens fondly brings back to memory the picture of George Washington who played the contributing role in shaping the destiny of America. George Washington considered Mount Vernon his home for the best part of forty years of his lifetime. The museum tends to portray the greatness of this eminent personality by showcasing the objects he used during his lifetime.

Washington DC Museums are respected by the visitors for the sheer variety they present on a platter to soothe the curious senses of the tourists. The International Spy Museum stands as the sole flag bearer in the entire USA highlighting the history of espionage. The museum proudly flaunts the largest collection of international espionage artifacts that has ever been put on display for public.

Numerous artifacts have never been exposed to public eye ever before. The artifacts glorify the work of great spies who have played their role in maintaining the sovereignty of the USA. The entry fee to the museums is nominal. The museum will provide ample avenues to soothe yours’ hankering for past.