What is My IP Address and its Importance

Every computer is given a unique number or an address known as an IP address or Internet Protocol address to connect with other computers around the world. Since the IP address is a collection of many numbers signified with some dots, it is difficult to remember.

To simplify things, they are given host names for each user. Earlier, an IP address was provided to each user. But over time, with a limited number of IP addresses and numerous users across the world, dynamic IP addresses are provided. Thus a computer now can have more than one IP address.

The numbers of an IP address are provided according to the country and location of an area. Some people, often having an access to the internet may wonder What is my IP? If you want the answer to this question, you can check up with your internet service provider or any website which provides details on IP addresses. My IP Address can provide personal details about my location, country and even latitude and longitude.

Online Security

These days, monetary transactions take place online. Most of the businesses occur online. It is very easy to use false identities online. So, it is very necessary to check out the basic details of the business person. You can verify the necessary details like the country and the location of the businessman and other personal details if you want to by identifying the IP address. It is even helpful for various e-commerce sites where the merchandise is bought online.

IP addresses are also checked to count the number of unique visitors to a website. Further, the IP address can help pin down a criminal in a cyber crime. Others can have a knowledge of my personal details with the help of My IP address. Knowing the answer to What is my IP? will help you as well as your other business partners.