What is The Paleo Diet

You might have come across various diet programs and wondering what is the Caveman diet? Then let me explain you. Caveman in other words is a Paleo diet that believes to do weight loss in a healthier way.

It is a diet program that has to do something with evolution. Before thousand years ago, our ancestors used to dine the whole grain food. With the changing of time, people got busier and with the lifestyle they lead they settled for artificial and processed food.

The Caveman Diet

Loren Cordain, the brain behind the diet introduced this Paleolithic diet which is low carbohydrate meal that does not put any restriction when it comes to vegetable, fruits and grains.It says to have 3-4 meals a day to lower down your hunger pangs for continuous 30 days to see the amazing results.

What is the Paleo diet all about? Have a glance at the simple menu on how the Paleolithic diet works.

We start with the Paleo diet breakfast: This diet breakfast only ask to use egg whites and for stuffing there are only 2 ingredients recommended i.e. spinach and mushroom. There is also an alternative for vegetarian people. It recommends Otie apple breakfast. Cut apple into pieces and grate raisins and carrot. For flavouring you can sprinkle cinnamon over to perk up your morning.

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However; there are various types of morning snacks given for the diet but, the caveman diet recommends precise combination i.e. pear, banana and avocado adding pineapple or lemon juice in it. Churn it in a blender until it turns into a smooth sherbet. There is no alternative for the snack and wants you to stick to the seasonal fruit mix or the above mention recipe.

For the lunch it recommends stir frying beef with veggies as stir frying doesn’t need so much of oil to cook. To add exquisite taste, you can add red pepper, garlic, yellow onion, carrots, mushrooms which will give you an oriental feel.

The late afternoon snack comprises of just spinach salad with adding of honey, lemon juice, pepper and olive oil. Lastly the dinner comprises of steamed broccoli and grilled chicken as this food doesn’t have a bad fats.

The Paleo diet is considered to be the best because it is largely based on the lean meat and plant food items that promote longetiviety, good health and helps in weight loss.