What to Look for When Getting Pet Emergency Care

In an emergency, the first thing you should know is where to take your pet. A veterinary hospital has a distinct edge over veterinary clinic as the former is equipped to deal with all types of pet care emergencies.

Besides this, veterinary hospitals open round the clock so that you can get emergency veterinary services immediately. The 24 hour vet emergency care animal hospitals have specialized veterinarian to deal all pet emergency care and well trained staff.

In order to save your beloved pet, immediate medical attention is necessary. Therefore, it is vital to know when immediate emergency care is necessary who you should contact in order to provide the pet with the care it needs.

Like us, pets also become sick. Many such illnesses can be handled easily by your homemade fix. However, it is vital to identify the emergency situations that need immediate medical care. If your pet suffers from extreme pain or unable to walk are in extreme trauma, you must seek emergency veterinary service.

Other significant symptoms of emergency include breathing problems, contiguous vomiting, lack of response, continuous bleeding. Bloody stool should also be attended immediately.

First aid kit for pet emergency care

Even though, veterinary care is a must for emergency situations, a pet first aid comes handy to save your pet’s life until you can get medical attention.

A pet first aid kit should include items similar to human first aid kit. The main items include bandage materials such as sterile gauze, adhesive bandages, and adhesive tape. It should contain antiseptic cream, wound and infection spray, hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect the wounds.

Other common first aid items include eye dropper to clean wounds, cotton swabs, eyebrow tweezers, a pair of scissors, forceps. It should contain a blanket, to keep your pet warm in extreme conditions and a towel to wrap the animal.

A muzzle to sooth your pet if you’re pet gets aggressive owing to pain or fear. Keep an emergency contact numbers that include your veterinarian phone number, nearby emergency veterinary services, animal hospital number. First make sure to keep your pet in a quiet place in order to calm the animal as it is not always possible to seek immediate medical attention. Comfort your pet until the help arrives.

Prevention is better than cure. Be prepared for emergencies so that emergency won’t be quite as scary for you as well as your pet.